Autism and ADHD assessments

Q Psychology provides autism and ADHD assessments for children, adolescents, and adults.


Assessment protocols vary based on several factors (e.g., client age and assessment complexity). During the first appointment, you and your psychologist will discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the assessment. Your psychologist will then give you an approximation of what the process will look like, and predicted costs. At the conclusion of the assessment, your psychologist will provide you with a comprehensive report which details the assessment results and includes recommendations for ongoing support. 


Each 50 minute session as part of the assessment is $220.00. With a GP referral and valid mental health care plan a Medicare rebate is available for some sessions (your psychologist will let you know which appointments are eligible for a rebate). The cost of the final report is $902.00 (incl. GST). Medicare does not provide a rebate for reports.

Access and availability

Assessment sessions can be completed face to face at one of our clinics or via Telehealth. As Telehealth is available, assessments can be done Australia-wide. Please reach out on 03 7023 4780 or to discuss booking in.